Monday, May 27, 2013

Excel 2010 Password Recovery Question and Answers

Question: I lost my Excel 2010 password how to unlock it?

I have an Excel 2010 password and it is an encrypted Excel spreadsheet. I set up a password on it last year but I haven't opened it because I don't need the material on it. Now I really need to unlock it in order to search data and finish my report. I have no idea for I lost the Excel password. Could you please tell me how to recover Excel 2010 password successfully? Thanks in advance.

Answer 1: Excel 2010 password recovery with your guess

I think you have to guess what the Excel 2010 password if you want to find a free way. Usually the password is not so long; guess that whether the password is 123 or ABC or perhaps your birthday. Calm down and try to remind that whether you had written your password in some place or not. You can also think hard and guess that whether you had told somebody what the password is.

Answer 2: Recover Excel 2010 password with MS Excel password recovery 5.0

I think you can recover your Excel 2010 password with a MS Excel password recovery, such as SmartKey Excel Password Recovery 5.0. It is a professional Excel 2010 password recovery program and it is designed to recover passwords on any Excel versions. It is absolutely easy to use and you can just use four simple steps to unlock your Excel 2010 password. To your surprise, the SmartKey Excel Password Recovery is proved to be the fastest Excel password recovery tool so far.

To recover Excel 2010 password with Excel password recovery software, you can use only three steps:

Step 1: Get it from its official website or a download site such as Then install it to your computer. After that, open it.

Step 2: You can see the Open button on the right. Click it and select your target Excel 2010 spreadsheet from your computer. Then you can see two opinions. The first means to remove your password and the other means to recover your password. Choose one of them and click the Next button.

Step 3: Click Decrypt document button if you click the first option in the second step. Choose one of the three password attack types if you click the last option in the second step.

Step 4: You password will be removed if you choose the first option in the second step, then your Excel 2010 password will be removed with this Excel password remover. You password will be found if you choose the last option in the second step.

Well, it is quite easy to recover Excel 2010 password with Excel 2010 password recovery tool. I think even my nephew is able to follow that. So have you learned that? If not, you can check out for more details.

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