Saturday, July 13, 2013

Excel Password Remover - Trick about How to Remove Excel Password on 97-2013

If you have a Microsoft Office Excel document and you don't want other people to open it and even to see the data in the Excel. You can choose to encrypt it. Yes, there are always some persons who have some data that are not allowed to be public, just as private as your personal diary. Therefore, such persons like to encrypt their Excel document. However, if the Excel document is not used for a quite long time, perhaps the owner of the Excel document also forgot the password. Thus, you should know how to remove Excel password in your own.

What to do if you forgot the Excel document password? Some persons happened to meet that problem and they asked me for help on Facebook and Twitter. As far as I am concerned, encryption and decryption are two enemies. As long as you encrypt a document, then there will be a solution to decrypt it. But not every person has the ability to do that.

As a matter of fact, to remove a password of the Excel document is not so complicated for you. You don't need to learn some profound knowledge about how to break Excel file password. Just need to make use of the cracking password software and then everything will be all right with the help of the software.

But where to find out such Excel password cracker, I think the SmartKey Excel Password Recovery 5.0 is a good choice. It is really a cool and excellent Excel password cracker, Excel password remover and also an Excel password finder. You can use it to remove or recover your Excel password on Microsoft Office Excel 97-2013. You can see how to use this Excel password recovery software as below:
    • Step 1: Free download the MS Excel Password Recovery 5.0 from its official website - and then install it in your computer, it is able to be a PC or a laptop that runs in Windows operating system. Then double click to open it.
    • Step 2: Click the Open button and then import your locked Excel document to this tool and at the same time you can see three two actions in the middle of the tool. That means if your Excel document is Excel 97-2003, you can click the 100% Instant Document Decryption to remove the password directly. But the second action – Recover the password is appropriate for all the Excel versions.
    • Step 3: If you choose the first action and click the Next button, the password will be decrypted successfully in the next step. If you choose the second action, you will see three password attack types. Select one of them and then click the Start button.
    • Step 4: After all the preparations, you will finally achieve your aim. No matter to remove Excel password with the Excel password remover or recover Excel password and then remove it forever, it is okay to you.
All right, that's all about how to remove Microsoft Office Excel password on Excel 97-2013. Have you got it?